EPA Lead Worker Training Course

EPA Lead Worker Training Course

About the Course

Stay in compliance and keep your workers and yourself safe while working around lead and lead-containing products like certain paints, mastics, and other building materials.

Abatement is any set of measures designed to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards. Abatement work that is not conducted by a Certified Lead Abatement Worker under the supervision of a certified lead supervisor is subject to fines by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or Authorized State lead enforcement bodies.

This course is offered onsite and provides the necessary training for workers who will be involved with lead abatement projects. Certified abatement firms must have certified Lead Abatement Workers on site who have completed lead abatement training & certification from an approved provider and have been approved by the EPA or Authorized State. Contractors performing abatement work must have at least one EPA or state certified Lead Abatement Supervisor directing the work, with the assistance of certified Lead Abatement Workers if required.

Training concludes with the required Lead Worker course certification exam.

The Following Topics Will Be Covered:

  • Where and What Is Lead?
  • Health Effects of Lead Exposure
  • Regulations and Laws of Lead Abatement
  • Identifying & Evaluating Lead Paint Hazards
  • Controlling Lead Hazards
  • Set-Up of Containment *
  • Abatement Methods *
  • Cleanup, Disposal & Clearance *
  • Soil Abatement and Exterior Dust Cleanup


 * Denotes Hands-On Activities

Course Location:

318 S. Dobson, Suite 117
Mesa, AZ  85202


Learning Plan

  • Day 1

    • Introduction/Exercise
    • Where and What is Lead?
    • Health Effects
    • Regulations
    • Lunch
    • Identifying Lead Paint Hazards
    • Controlling Lead Hazards
    • Set up
    • Abatement Methods
    • Cleanup, Disposal and Clearance
  • Day 2

    • Review
    • Hands – On (Respirators)
    • Hands – On (Containment/Set up)
    • Lunch
    • Hands – On (Abatement Procedures)
    • Hands – On (Cleanup, Decontamination,
    • Exam

Class Venue

318 S. Dobson, Suite 117 Mesa, AZ  85202

Suite 117
Phone: (619) 542-7717
4025 Camino Del Rio South Suite 300
San Diego, California 92108, United States
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